Safeguarding Training


Due to the pandemic no face to face training can take place however both the Foundation and also Advanced training will be offered online. 
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Safeguarding Webinars 

The Safeguarding Officers and Learning Network Channel Island Southern and Island Region have been offering a series of online free webinars on safeguarding. 

Safeguarding; Mental Illness and Vulnerable People: 21 April 2021
10am - 12noon

This session will help you understand some basic information about responding well to people with:  Organic disorders; mental/behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substances; schizophrenia, schizotypal & delusional disorders; affective disorders; neurotic stress-related and somatoform disorders; behavioural syndromes; disorders of adult personality and behaviour; mental retardation; disorders of psychological development; behavioural and emotional disorders in children and adolescent.

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